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New Story: The Promise of Home

I know it’s been a little while. Things have been pretty busy over here; it’s the end of the semester, and the end of my¬†graduating semester, so I’ve been finishing projects, writing papers, and taking exit exams.

Today is also my birthday.

So as my birthday present to all of you, I posted a new short story on Wattpad. This one is a complete short story in itself, with a self-contained story. I hope everyone enjoys it.

“The Promise of Home” on Wattpad.


–S. Lynn

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Draka – Chapter Three

Chapter Three of Draka is finally complete. It’s been a bad week for trying to post to Wattpad, what with finishing up a project for one of my classes.

I hope you all enjoy: Draka on Wattpad.

–S. Lynn

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When You Don’t Start Because You’re Afraid to Fail

I have a growing list of story ideas. I have no problems whatsoever with ideas. But they’re just sitting around collecting dust because increasingly, I find myself afraid to even start a project.

I also have a growing list of unfinished projects.

Unfinished work is due to a fear of not being good enough.

Failure to start is due to a fear of being afraid to fail. Failure by not even beginning is better than failure by hordes of readers mocking your work, or worse–not even reading it, because it’s not worth their time.

These are the insecurities anxieties I deal with every day.

It’s not just writing, either, these insecurities affect the rest of my life. It’s just that writing is what we’re focused on here.

Anyone else feel this way?

–S. Lynn

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Other Projects

I decided to make a post about other projects I’m working on. These may or may not end up on Wattpad; one day I do want to publish traditionally.

TTTWNSW – That Thing That Will Not Stay Written – This is the first serious writing project I ever started, and it’s been more than a decade at this point. This will probably go up on Wattpad eventually, because I doubt it will ever be ready for anything else. It’s an epic fantasy, and the characters and stories have changed so often over the past thirteen years I’m not even sure what the story is anymore–hence That Thing That Will Not Stay Written. Even the main character and the main thrust of the plot have changed. Even now, I’m not sure if what I have will end up being the finished product. It’s very possible this may never be finished. I feel like it’s kind of my learning work. As in, I use this to stumble through and figure out writing mechanics like plot structure and pacing.

Hunter – This is an urban fantasy about Angel, a real-estate agent to the supernatural by day, werewolf hunter by night. She has a business partner who is also a witch, and a wonderful husband, and not-so-wonderful stepson. Also, a sister-in-law who hates her. As must happen in urban fantasy, Angel has some issues with her family, specifically her father–who is a werewolf.

Strange Magic 1: In Touch With Death – this is a weird science fantasy thing set in a slightly futuristic second world setting. Strange Magic will be a trilogy at minimum, with potentially more books in the series. In Touch With Death introduces the world and the main character, Faith, an ectocog working for the the National Investigation Bureau – Talented Division. In her world, psychic abilities are recognized and integrated into society. Though it’s been this way for centuries, there are still fissures in society along the borders where Talented meets unTalented, and these fissures will widen over the course of the series.

Untitled Series 1: Hand of Death – despite having the word “death” in common, this series is actually a completely different one than the one above. This one is an epic fantasy story about a man who finds out he’s the direct heir to the throne of his home-country’s most terrible enemy. There’s a lot here about loyalty, truth, and those boundaries that if we cross them, we give up something we shouldn’t.

Mellie Flynn – This is going to be a fun series of short stories, and I think I want to keep more than that a secret for now. ūüėČ

Before I finish any of this, though, I must finish my psychology degree. Graduation in May, whooooooooo!

–S. Lynn


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DRAKA Information

My first Wattpad work is a novel I’ve been working on for a few¬†years, working title¬†Draka. It’s gone through a couple of complete overhauls; it started off when I was young and naive and thought I knew all the answers. Back then, it was going to be the story of two royal men–one a king already, the other a prince–who fell in love but were kept apart by prejudice and politics. The titular dragon, Draka, would have helped them find a way to be together.

In the time since the original idea came to me, the story has changed dramatically.

Temporary Cover

Now it is the story of Adrian, a scholar and brother of a semi-religious order called the Order of the Scroll. The Order worships Knowledge and Wisdom both as archetypal symbols, and as deities in the forms of Twins Blind Laga and Silent Safia. Adrian met the love of his life, Crown Prince Dathan of Drakonis while working as tutor for Dathan’s younger siblings. He had everything; love of life, the love of Dathan, a calling to learn and teach, and a wonderful soon-to-be family-in-law.

When the last of the old Dragon Gods emerges and, in exchange for blessings and prosperity, asks for a companion for three years, Adrian cannot resist.

Three hundred years later, Adrian returns to find the world he knew dead and buried. Drakonis is a wasteland, home only to flesh-eeating creatures made of shadows. Dathan is long dead, and even the Order of the Scroll is gone. His search for Knowledge left him bereft of everything.

All he wants to do now is build some form of a life and live quietly, unobtrusively.

But someone knows who he is–who is¬†really is–and wants him.

Draka is about love, loyalty, time, culture, and the need for fulfillment, in whatever form it takes.

I hope putting it on Wattpad will help me finish this novel; it’s been sitting in my unfinished files far too long.

Draka on Wattpad.

–S. Lynn

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Hello, world.

I keep trying to create and maintain writing blogs. It’s never worked before. Maybe this time will stick.

S. Lynn Hunt at Wattpad — I’m experimenting with Wattpad. I only have one story started so far, and I’m using it to test out this service. We’ll see. The story i have up is titled Draka, and it… well. There’s a dragon mentioned. But mostly there’s a depressed scholar and lots of darkness and angst and all the things I love. The title might be changed before the final draft happens.

Here, I’ll post about my writing process, and my thoughts about writing, and I’ll probably end up flailing about not having time to write. Or the motivation. Or confidence.

Thank you to anyone who reads this.

–S. Lynn