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Ellora’s Cave is Still Running?

Apparently, though they’re back in the publishing news and making the rounds on my author friends’ Facebook pages. At least one of my friends is a former EC author. I think it’s been a decade or longer since any of my friends published with them or were deeply involved, but I can say that problems with EC and authors’ dwindling patience have been going on for quite some time.

Looks like now EC is suing the RWA, because somehow they think they can go up against the association dedicated to protecting the rights of romance authors. While it’s true the RWA doesn’t have much legal power, they do have more resources than Dear Author and owner Jane, with whom EC ended up settling out of court. It’ll be interesting to see why they think they can fare better with the RWA.

There’s a part of me still mildly flabbergasted by the fact that EC and whatever the owner is calling herself these days have been able to carry on this farce for so long. Then again, EC knows their authors–in part because of EC’s inability or unwillingness to pay royalties on time–are unable to afford to strike back legally. Read up on the subject if you aren’t already aware; EC appears to have completely and utterly flouted the terms of their own contracts multiple times, claiming not to have broken the terms through the non-paying of royalties rightfully earned by their authors.

And they have a lawyer who apparently has no qualms about stating that EC’s alarming practices are legal, correct, and right.

New authors in erotica, please steer clear of Ellora’s Cave. Once, they were the best place to be for erotica authors. Those days are long over.

–S. Lynn



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