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No Words

I am a writer, but I have no words for how sad and angry I am. The attack on the LGBT+ community at Pulse in Orlando is just a symptom of a much larger problem.

Fight homophobia in all its forms, from all its sources.

Resist hatred.

Love each other.

–S. Lynn

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Tor is Open to Specific Submissions Publishing Opening to Science Fiction Novellas on June 5th

Read the post, and then go read the specific submission guidelines.

Tor hasn’t been open to unsolicited short fiction or novellas for a while. This opening is very short and very specific.

I’m tempted to attempt to NaNoWriMo this in June and try to crank out something around 20,000 words before June 30th. Which is… unlikely. I agonize over short stories. But if I set myself a NaNo-like goal, and have someone to hold me accountable for my daily words, I might be able to do it. Maybe. At least write it; no promises I’d be able to edit it enough to be prepared for any kind of submission.

What do y’all say? Anyone willing to keep me accountable for a minimum of 20,000 words in the next 15 days? Fifteen to give me some time to try and edit once it’s done.

–S. Lynn