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Active Novels

So, I have a few novels in various stages of “being written.”

A … few.

Strange Magic #1: In Touch With Death – The first of a series set in a science fiction secondary world with humans, tomorrow-future technology, and also psychics. There are premonitions, ghosts, detectives, murder, and mystery. This is currently the novel that is most on my mind. I’ve even started actually writing it again.

Children of Broken Promises – Probably not the final title. An exploration of the trope of the missing heir in genre fiction, set in a fantasy secondary world with magic and kingdoms and the requisite murder, mystery, and mayhem. Also plenty of political intrigue.

Hunter – An urban fantasy (in the line of the Dresden Files books, not the Anita Blake books) about a half-human half-werewolf real estate agent by day who hunts werewolves by night. Intended as the first in a series.

Untitled YA Vampires – First in a YA urban fantasy series about Pagan teen twins from a clan of vampire-hunting Witches. The vampires are monsters, not love interests, and the politics between the vampires and the Witches more complicated than they appear at first.

The Bear Princess – First in a YA trilogy about a young princess in a magical kingdom where all teens undergo a magical-spiritual coming-of-age ritual that summons a familiar, usually one that coincides with the familiars of their families. The main character, Princess Adelaide, is fifteen and fast approaching the time of her summoning ritual. First, her kingdom has a bit of political bother she has to hep sort out.

Second Anthology – I had planned for my second self-published anthology to be out for my birthday in April, but a convergence of events have conspired to make that not possible. I do want to release it some time this year, however. It will have even more stories, new stories, whereas Capricious Symbols was a collection of old stories. I hope even more of you will enjoy it.

There are others sitting in my files. These are just the most fleshed-out concepts. Some of them I’ve even started writing as part of NaNoWriMo and have considerable amount of words for them.  No, Draka is not among them, because Draka is going back on the back burner for a while as I reconsider some of the plot and character elements.

These are the projects you lovely readers are most likely to hear about in the near future. I’ll begin next month by talking a bit about Strange Magic #1. Until then!

–S. Lynn