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This Blog Has Moved

So, I have a lot of stuff. Materially, and also digitally.

I’m trying to declutter the digital stuff, and when I move to Salem in a few months I’ll be decluttering materially as well.

Part of the digital decluttering is getting rid of blogs, social media accounts, and email addresses I don’t use, and condensing the rest into as tight a circle as possible. Some of this is saddening to me, as I really did love the idea of a gaming blog and wanted very much to talk about the things happening in my brain in regards to by favorite games. I really wanted to put my voice out there in regards to movies, books, and television. I believe in the power of pop culture and strongly believe today’s pop culture will be tomorrow’s anthropological insights.

However, right now, other things in my life have taken precedence.

Writing–not just general blogs, but my original fiction writing, which includes poetry. Vlogging–I find I really enjoy it, and want to do more of it. My school work–I’m moving to Salem, MA to attend Salem State University and it’s really important to me. My Patreon–I like having deadlines and structure and people counting on me to produce a certain amount of content every month.

It’s the sheer variety of content that got to me. I just couldn’t keep all of it going, so I’ve decided to stick with what’s absolutely most important and what I enjoy more than anything else.

Writing and vlogging. Maybe the occasional gaming video.

As part of my effort to begin condensing content, I’m moving this blog to Patreon itself, and you can read my latest post here. All previous content will remain archived here at the WordPress blog, but I won’t post new content here. Writing blogs will be public, so you don’t have to become a patron to read them.

I’m looking forward to creating more vlogs and more content. Including, potentially, a serialized novel. So check out my Patreon if you’re at all interested.

Thank you all,

–S. Lynn