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Active Novels

So, I have a few novels in various stages of “being written.”

A … few.

Strange Magic #1: In Touch With Death – The first of a series set in a science fiction secondary world with humans, tomorrow-future technology, and also psychics. There are premonitions, ghosts, detectives, murder, and mystery. This is currently the novel that is most on my mind. I’ve even started actually writing it again.

Children of Broken Promises – Probably not the final title. An exploration of the trope of the missing heir in genre fiction, set in a fantasy secondary world with magic and kingdoms and the requisite murder, mystery, and mayhem. Also plenty of political intrigue.

Hunter – An urban fantasy (in the line of the Dresden Files books, not the Anita Blake books) about a half-human half-werewolf real estate agent by day who hunts werewolves by night. Intended as the first in a series.

Untitled YA Vampires – First in a YA urban fantasy series about Pagan teen twins from a clan of vampire-hunting Witches. The vampires are monsters, not love interests, and the politics between the vampires and the Witches more complicated than they appear at first.

The Bear Princess – First in a YA trilogy about a young princess in a magical kingdom where all teens undergo a magical-spiritual coming-of-age ritual that summons a familiar, usually one that coincides with the familiars of their families. The main character, Princess Adelaide, is fifteen and fast approaching the time of her summoning ritual. First, her kingdom has a bit of political bother she has to hep sort out.

Second Anthology – I had planned for my second self-published anthology to be out for my birthday in April, but a convergence of events have conspired to make that not possible. I do want to release it some time this year, however. It will have even more stories, new stories, whereas Capricious Symbols was a collection of old stories. I hope even more of you will enjoy it.

There are others sitting in my files. These are just the most fleshed-out concepts. Some of them I’ve even started writing as part of NaNoWriMo and have considerable amount of words for them.  No, Draka is not among them, because Draka is going back on the back burner for a while as I reconsider some of the plot and character elements.

These are the projects you lovely readers are most likely to hear about in the near future. I’ll begin next month by talking a bit about Strange Magic #1. Until then!

–S. Lynn

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New Goal Trackers on the NaNo site!

The NaNoWriMo website now gives you the ability to track your progress on any-size writing project throughout the year! It looks pretty much like the tracking graph for your NaNo novel, only you get to enter the word count or the number of hours you want to spend writing. It’s pretty awesome! I’ve set myself a goal of 5,000 for the next month (today through February 20th).

I have one short story I need to edit, and several I need to finish. The one in need of editing so far is titled “Elegy for Elena,” but I want to change it. Mostly because I don’t think it fits the ending as well as I thought it would when I started writing. Which is pretty normal.

I started a new Harry Potter fanfiction, which is weird in itself because it’s been a while since I wrote any fanfiction. I like the idea though, so we’ll see where it goes.

I still need to finish work on most of the stories I started for NaNo this year. Some of the stories I’m most excited to finish: “Ripples in the River,” (time travel/parallel universes) “Hieroglyphs,” (virtual reality) “Assimilation,” (vampires), and an untitled superhero story.

In the comments, perhaps you lovely readers could say which of the listed stories sounds most interesting to you based on the title and/or short description given.

–S. Lynn

Don’t forget, I have a book! Capricious Symbols is available through, Amazon, B&N, and Kobo.

If you’d like to support my work in an even more substantial way, you could contribute to my Patreon for various levels of gratitude and blubbering disbelief in your generosity.

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Introducing: Capricious Symbols by S. Lynn Hunt

I finally decided to put together a short anthology of a few short stories. I don’t have many right now (but I do have a virtual file cabinet of story ideas on my computer!), so I enhanced the anthology with a three chapter sneak-peek at Strange Magic 1: In Touch With Death.


Capricious Symbols may be purchased at as a paperback here at this link, or in ePub at this link.

It is also currently available in the Apple iBookstore, and for Barnes and Noble NOOK.

It will be available for Amazon Kindle and Kobo some time in the next week to three weeks, depending on the service. Keeping checking your favorite to see if it’s available!

(Update: It’s now available at both Kobo and Amazon Kindle!)

I hope some of you decide to purchase; I am a college student, and can use all the help I can get… and if you do purchase, I truly hope you enjoy. The stories are some of my oldest, one was previously published at a now defunct online indie publisher, a couple were previously on Wattpad,  and one of them is the short story I’m proudest of to date.

This feels like a huge accomplishment, even though the book is tiny, and the stories are kind of ancient. Capricious Symbols has quickly become something dear to my heart, and I hope it might be dear to yours.

Thank you,

–S. Lynn.


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Updates, Changes, Semi-Announcements

So hi. Yeah, it’s been a while. I’ve been concentrating on school, really. Just started grad school. Things are hectic.

But I wanted to update anyone who might be reading this on some changes, and a thing. I do things sometimes.

I took my work down from Wattpad. I didn’t have the best experience at Wattpad, which encourages you to follow other writers just so they’ll follow you back, but writers don’t do that because, well, they know you’re only following you so they’ll follow you back and how annoying is that? I don’t blame them. My work had no exposure, and few reads.

Anyway, I’m working on a new project–something publishable. I’ll make a full announcement hopefully soon.

That is all.

–S. Lynn

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New Wattpad Story – Chasing Sekhmet

I put up a new story on Wattpad, something I wrote a while back for a friend. I’ve tweaked it some to make it appropriate for a more general audience. It still might only appeal to a certain niche; it’s very heavily influenced by Pagan ideas and Egyptian mythology.

“Chasing Sekhmet” at Wattpad. I hope you enjoy!

If you do enjoy, please remember to comment and vote. I enjoy hearing from readers.

–S. Lynn

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My Brain is a Jerk (Part Two)

Really, brain, really?

I feel like Diana in The Shadow of Night (second in the Deborah Harkness trilogy that begins with A Discovery of Witches and ends with The Book of Life). All it takes is a single question or moment of curiosity to start my brain cogitating and weaving out new ideas. Sometimes, I wish I had more trouble with ideas. Then maybe my actual writing could catch up.

This time it was: Good gods, I’m tired of sexy, brooding, angsty vampires. What would a good story these days look like with monstrous vampires?

Three days later, I have some character profiles and the bare bones of a backstory.

I always start with character profiles, because that’s were story starts, for me. Sure, the whole thing began with asking what monstrous vampires would look like post-Twilight, but that matters only so far as the characters who will be interacting with said vampires, and their motivations for doing so.

When building characters, I start with names and their meanings.

I have three main characters so far, though I’m thinking I’ll only follow two of them for a while: siblings Sophia, Monica, and Gregory.

Sophia, of course, means “wisdom,” and Monica means “truth,” while Gregory means “steadfast, watchful.”

So I take these meanings, and I build characters around them. Sophia, for instance, is bookish and her favorite subjects are English/Literature and Psychology. She has the ability to see deeply into a person’s motivations. Monica is also no slouch in the school department, but she prefers history, biology, and chemistry–she prefers subjects with concrete answers to those with room for interpretation (I suppose no one gave her the memo about history). Monica has the ability to see the surface truth of things, which might translate to a form of telepathy; if someone is cheating on their spouse, Monica will know it whether or not they tell her. Sophia, meanwhile, will be able to see deeper and understand the implications and also the reasons. Monica often believes she’s right when she’s not, and can be reckless and make snap decisions.

Truth and Wisdom go together, you see, and truth is great, but wisdom goes deeper.

Gregory, on the other hand, unlike his younger sisters, will have to grow into the meaning of his name. Right now, he’s not been so steadfast, or watchful. In fact, he’s run away and turned a blind eye to a lot of his past. He has good reasons for doing so, but he’s still suffering the consequences, and doesn’t know there are more on the way. He’s eventually going to have to rejoin his sisters, whether or not doing so is the right thing.

There’s more, but I think I’ve made my point. My brain goes into overdrive on a new story idea, churns out some characters and a backstory, and then peters out and starts the process all over again the next time I have a wandering thought.

It’s quite annoying.

–S. Lynn

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New Story: The Promise of Home

I know it’s been a little while. Things have been pretty busy over here; it’s the end of the semester, and the end of my graduating semester, so I’ve been finishing projects, writing papers, and taking exit exams.

Today is also my birthday.

So as my birthday present to all of you, I posted a new short story on Wattpad. This one is a complete short story in itself, with a self-contained story. I hope everyone enjoys it.

“The Promise of Home” on Wattpad.


–S. Lynn