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Social Justice Warriors, Political Correctness, and Butthurt

I am prepared to be called a Social Justice Warrior by people who don’t understand.


So here’s the thing.  I hate these three phrases/words.

The people who use them are offended by someone drawing their attention to other’s genuine discomfort or emotional pain.  And if you are offended by someone trying to explain to you that you could be more considerate, you are not a listener, you are one of those people who talks over everyone else.

Yes, you are effectively Donald Trump.

Let me give you a crap analogy.  You are a physical person, and greet friends with a friendly hug.  That’s fine, isn’t it? No-one minds a hug, it’s a sign of affection and should be construed that way.

Except this one person has a painful shoulder.  Possibly they have a surgical implant that is hugely tender, or an RSI, or permanent joint pain.  Whatever it is, it’s a minor constant wound you can’t see under their clothes.  And every time you see them, you hug that…

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NaNoWriMo 2016 Progress Report

Well, it’s day 5 of NaNoWriMo 2016, and I am stunned at my progress. I’m at nearly 13,000 words, which is pretty far ahead of where I’m supposed to be at this point. It happened because of a new story idea that happened and basically wrote itself. This story is nearly 9,000 words all on its own.

It’s not perfect and needs heavy editing, but I love the premise of the story and the way it plays out. I just love it to bits.

But I’m a little afraid (okay a lot afraid) that I won’t be able to keep up this pace now that this story is finished. The rest were going along fairly well, but none of them have that sense of frantic inspiration as “Elegy for Elena.”

I’ve also been working on my Cognitive Psych paper as part of NaNo. That’s going pretty well, too.


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NaNoWriMo 2016!

I’m going to be a silly, silly person and attempt NaNoWriMo during my very first quarter as a graduate student! Yay!

Will you be a silly, silly person with me and attempt NaNoWriMo?

For those of you who may not know what National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is, it’s an international challenge that happens every November where millions and millions of people with questionable sanity attempt to write 50,000 word novels in 30 days. The main website is here:

It’s also important to note that NaNoWriMo is a non-profit organization dedicated to literacy and the power of creativity and words. Part of what they do is the Young Writers Program, which promotes literacy in children and teenagers by partnering with schools. I’m proud to participate in NaNoWriMo every year, and to donate to their cause whenever I am able.

I may or may not be able to complete the challenge this year. It’s been a bad few years for me; I haven’t won since 2013. But I won six years running before that! So I keep trying!

Even if you don’t complete the challenge one year, it’s an exhilarating and rewarding thing to do for any writer. Create an account on the website, find your region and interact with all the other Wrimos (NaNoWriMo participants) in your geographical area. Find groups and communities on Facebook, on Twitter, on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth. Participating in the community is fun, and acts as an absolutely vital support system. Be kind to your ML (Municipal Liaison), and your fellows.

I’ve been an ML before; I helped found my region. That’s how much I love and support this organization and this challenge.

I love NaNoWriMo, and if you’ve never participated, I hope you learn to love it, too.

–S. Lynn

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Introducing: Capricious Symbols by S. Lynn Hunt

I finally decided to put together a short anthology of a few short stories. I don’t have many right now (but I do have a virtual file cabinet of story ideas on my computer!), so I enhanced the anthology with a three chapter sneak-peek at Strange Magic 1: In Touch With Death.


Capricious Symbols may be purchased at as a paperback here at this link, or in ePub at this link.

It is also currently available in the Apple iBookstore, and for Barnes and Noble NOOK.

It will be available for Amazon Kindle and Kobo some time in the next week to three weeks, depending on the service. Keeping checking your favorite to see if it’s available!

(Update: It’s now available at both Kobo and Amazon Kindle!)

I hope some of you decide to purchase; I am a college student, and can use all the help I can get… and if you do purchase, I truly hope you enjoy. The stories are some of my oldest, one was previously published at a now defunct online indie publisher, a couple were previously on Wattpad,  and one of them is the short story I’m proudest of to date.

This feels like a huge accomplishment, even though the book is tiny, and the stories are kind of ancient. Capricious Symbols has quickly become something dear to my heart, and I hope it might be dear to yours.

Thank you,

–S. Lynn.


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Updates, Changes, Semi-Announcements

So hi. Yeah, it’s been a while. I’ve been concentrating on school, really. Just started grad school. Things are hectic.

But I wanted to update anyone who might be reading this on some changes, and a thing. I do things sometimes.

I took my work down from Wattpad. I didn’t have the best experience at Wattpad, which encourages you to follow other writers just so they’ll follow you back, but writers don’t do that because, well, they know you’re only following you so they’ll follow you back and how annoying is that? I don’t blame them. My work had no exposure, and few reads.

Anyway, I’m working on a new project–something publishable. I’ll make a full announcement hopefully soon.

That is all.

–S. Lynn

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No Words

I am a writer, but I have no words for how sad and angry I am. The attack on the LGBT+ community at Pulse in Orlando is just a symptom of a much larger problem.

Fight homophobia in all its forms, from all its sources.

Resist hatred.

Love each other.

–S. Lynn

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Tor is Open to Specific Submissions Publishing Opening to Science Fiction Novellas on June 5th

Read the post, and then go read the specific submission guidelines.

Tor hasn’t been open to unsolicited short fiction or novellas for a while. This opening is very short and very specific.

I’m tempted to attempt to NaNoWriMo this in June and try to crank out something around 20,000 words before June 30th. Which is… unlikely. I agonize over short stories. But if I set myself a NaNo-like goal, and have someone to hold me accountable for my daily words, I might be able to do it. Maybe. At least write it; no promises I’d be able to edit it enough to be prepared for any kind of submission.

What do y’all say? Anyone willing to keep me accountable for a minimum of 20,000 words in the next 15 days? Fifteen to give me some time to try and edit once it’s done.

–S. Lynn